Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wang Yuhui, China’s Most Beautiful Policewoman (Photos)

Wang Yuhui, China’s Most Beautiful Policewoman

Wang Yuhui, a policewoman of Changchun Prison, is dubbed the most beautiful policewoman by netizens in China after her recent brave rescuing suicidal girl Zuo Xiaodan from a six-storey building was posted on numerous Chinese forums.

wang yuhui Rescuing Zuo Xiaodan photo 1

About 13:00pm on March 16, an off-duty Wang Yuhui who was on her way back to home after picking up 10-year-old son from his school, suddenly noticed a suicidal girl standing on the roof edge of a residential building at downtown Changhun City, Jilin Province.

Changchun policewoman Wang Yuhui Rescuing Zuo Xiaodan photo 2

Yuhui, a certified psychologist, volunteered to do the rescue mission. Once she reached the spot a few feet away from the girl, Yuhui began a 2-hour-long persuasion process though failed to convince the girl to abandon her dead wish.

Changchun policewoman Wang Yuhui Rescuing Zuo Xiaodan photo 3

Finally, the quick-thinking policewoman took an opportunity to clutch the girl when taking back the sweat coater which she previously offered to the latter.

Changchun policewoman Wang Yuhui Rescuing Zuo Xiaodan photo 4

After two male colleagues who hid nearby came to offer their hands to Yuhui, the three police managed to pulled the suicidal girl to safety.

Zuo Xiaodan saved by policewoman Wang Yuhui

That girl was named Zuo Xiaodan, from Qinggang County, Heilongjiang Province. She worked as a waitress in a restaurant in Changchun.

Photo of Wang Yuhui, China’s Most Beautiful Policewoman

Her woes began after a customer forgot his mobile phone at her restaurant on March 14. Due to not know the phone function well, the 19-year-old pressed a wrong key when the man called his lost handset.\

Picture of Wang Yuhui, China’s Most Beautiful Policewoman

Later when the man returned to Zuo’s restaurant, he found the phone but noticed its screen was broken. He accused Zuo of stealing and having damaged his phone, so he required her to compensate more than 3000 Yuan (~450USD).

Zuo turned to her sister for borrowing money after asking a leave from the restaurant owner. But the boss withheld her identification card and the luggage.

In the afternoon of March 16, Zuo Xiaodan wanted to ask back ID to prove her innocent, she resorted to that extreme way. Luckily, Wang Yuhui appeared in time…

Source: Xinhua

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