Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hillary Clinton Vogue Magazine (1998) Cover Picture

Hillary Clinton Vogue Cover Photo

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton graced the cover of Vogue Magazine 1998 December issue. Hillary is the first First Lady ever who has been featured on the cover of Vogue. President Barack Obama wife Michelle Obama will be the second in the fashion magazine's 117-year history after she lands on the cover of the mag's 2009 March issue which to hit the newsstands within weeks.

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  1. Hillary looks much classier in her photo shoot than Michelle. It's been so long ago that I forgot how wonderful Hillary was as a young woman. She is still attractive for an older woman.

  2. Michelle Obama needs to cover her body more. Vogue magazine is a fashion magazine and she should have been glamorous. Her hair is out of place and she has lipstick on her teeth ;if you look closely. She needs a new hair stylist; maybe Oprah's. Everyone in the magazine portrays glamour and class; what in the would was she thinking? Who told her that was alright? I'm just trying to help a sister out. She represents the entire U. S. and to whom much is given; much is required. She has to change some things to fit the role; like her attire. Cover your arms and legs; save that for the president. Sexy is not always bare.

  3. Well, as many years ago that was....Michelle pictures sets the season. Hillary's was at Christmas time when the economy was good. Michelle sets the scene for this day and time. And she can't help for being in shape and she should show off her body...YOU people should get a grip and exercise. She's representing all women.


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