Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is Janet Napolitano a Lesbian? Janet Napolitano Herself Says "Not A Gay"

Is Janet Napolitano a Lesbian? Janet Napolitano Herself Says "Not A Gay"!

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano possible President-elect Barack Obama Homeland Security Secretary
Janet Napolitano, Obama's possible Homeland Security Secretary

Since the news saying she is being picked as President-elect Barack Obama's Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security broke out, the sexual orientation of Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano again become a hot topic among the online forums and blogs.

Questions such as "Is Janet Napolitano Gay?" or "Is Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano a lesbian?" were posted in Yahoo! Answers long long time ago! The answer to the first question by Yahoo! user Darth D'oh! said Napolitano "is a gay", simply "considering I've never heard that name, I'd have to say that, yes."

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano accused by some as a lesbian
Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano was accused by some as a secret lesbian. (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Excerpts from VeepWatch read, "Napolitano has...a deep male-sounding voice, is...mannish looking and wears blocky masculine suits... Napolitano has made little secret of her gay partner, and that she lives in a second apartment downtown."

Trying to shed some lights on the issue, we scoured Janet Napolitano's Wikipedia page and found no entries about her marriage status or sexual orientation. Nevertheless, according to Phoenix News Time's article titled Reality Check, Napolitano was denied her homosexuality back in the 2002 gubernatorial race. When in response to the charge that she had some sort of radical gay-rights agenda, she announced,"I am not gay."

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  1. Janet Napolitano is a gay lesbian. We do not need another Janet Reno!

  2. If the woman says, in unequivocal terms, that she is NOT gay, then SHE IS NOT gay -- and that's good enough for me. It's like some of you people with a homo axe to grind wish the status of gayness upon her as if that somehow legitimizes your deviant behavior. No one wants to know what you do in your bedroom, so why should ya'll make sucha abig deal out of what she does, or doesn't do..?? Get over yourselves!

  3. With a name like Napolitano, she probably likes all the flavors!

  4. "If the woman says, in unequivocal terms, that she is NOT gay, then SHE IS NOT gay -- and that's good enough for me."

    I believe that in a libel lawsuit years ago in Britain, Liberace denied under oath being homosexual. Most people believe, however, he was in fact gay, and his profile at says he was.

  5. I'm not passing any sort of moral judgment here, I'm just calling a beer a beer: Napolitano is a lesbian; Or a lonely post-menopausal government employee who lives with cats.

  6. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it must be a duck. I think the odds are overwhelming that she is a homo.

  7. She is gay and that means nothing regarding her job. But her lying and denying her gayness says everything about her character and trustworthiness.

  8. she is gay or lacks the personality of a door stop. that aside

    "Get over yourselves" are you kidding me. if she had lived with in 50 miles of a KKK hall would you say that? oer would you all be screaming that she has an agenda tomove the clock back 100 years. she is most likely there because she is gay.

    agenda you bet

  9. """"She is gay and that means nothing regarding her job. But her lying and denying her gayness says everything about her character and trustworthiness.""""

    you probably said this about bill clinton too

    dont forget dont forget gay in these days excludes bi. "im not gay" suonds like hair splittting and spin. no pun intended

  10. Hmmm.... Her favorite hobbies are watching LPGA tour golf and playing softball.

  11. When you get Queers like:

    Gay Edgar Hoover + Janet Reno + Janet Napolidonotno in Government = Incompetence, Secrecy, Abnormal erratic & unsocial behavior

    Hoover = Wiretapping for personal pleasure & running a Gossip club at the FBI..

    Reno = Going buckwild in the Elian Gonzalez & having paratroopers break into someone's house in Miami

    Napolidonotno - 'System worked'

  12. Myth of the century; J. Edgar was gay, dressed in women's clothes, etc.
    Find the proof and please print it if you can. You won't because you cannot.
    Another vicious liberal lie. I think they call it the 'politics of destruction' which is only OK when they do it.

  13. most liberals should be beaten and some actually executed for treason.
    Is the Obamanations hope and change working for all u wing nuts?

  14. Like she said in response to the question, "Are you gay?", no she is not gay. Where was the follow up question, are you a lesbian? I think the answer would have been different with that question.

  15. It just came to me for some strange reason that Janet Napolitano might be a female queer. So I punched it up, and haven't been able to confirm my suspicions so far. And even tho she is about as useless as tits on a bull, it would give me a better idea as to why she is as such.

  16. SHES GAY,I live in phoenix and have met her twice,of course she is gay but she cant come out in politics,btw she was a great governor and we miss her alot,the idiot we have now only has a community college education lmao! Im not kidding look it up,thats the idiot that passed SB1070

  17. You really should learn how to speak proper English.

  18. Sheesh who cares if she's gay or not -___-


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