Monday, March 31, 2008

"Rainie Yang" Picture Scandal: Rainie Yang Implicated in Edison Chen Photos Scandal

edison chen sex photo scandal suspected rainie yang picture
"Rainie Yang" Picture

Rainie Yang (杨丞琳), the squeaky clean of Taiwan startlet, was implicated by a racy photo published on the latest issue of a Hong Kong magazine. Among others are "Jolin Tsai", "Kelly Chen"and Niki Chow. But a lot of netizens believed the picture might be photoshopped.

rainie yang photoreal Rainie Yang Photo

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  1. its noooot her
    the person in the nude pic doesn't even have the mole that rainie has!

  2. I second that!!!

  3. The faces aren't even the same, and the difference in eye structure is the obvious fault. They don't match at all.

  4. Rainie is not an idiot, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't stoop that low

  5. they're defintely not the same person..

  6. Rainie will never do somthing like this lol

  7. .i believe that rainie wouldn't do that thing...

  8. i believe it's not her too...
    she is not like tat...
    this is so stupid...

  9. not surprsing for her to be involve w/ edison scandal, they were together last year or the mtv party in HK. makes me laugh hard every time her fans say shes very innocent and a virgin for this . reminds me of gillian of will only take time before her skeletons will be out.i believe shes stupid.ask the chinese netizens

  10. stupid, this is not even rainie.
    and she doesnt even have to do something like that. she is so pure and is obviously a photoshopped photo.

  11. As much as I love Mike He, and DESPISE Rainie, I know that isn't her. Where is that mole, eh? The faces don't match, the eyes...

  12. even though we all think she is pure and innocent we don know her that well to jugde her. She mite even be those bad types of girls. i really look up 2 her also and this mite not be real but it also can be. If this photo is just a wierd person doing this then that person should really go to H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STIX. Hope she is innocent. n people need to stop assuming, thinking she is innocent or not. Just don say anything if u don know the wjole story.

  13. I don`t know. her mole is almost on the end of her cheeks ( if my spelling isn`t corrct pardon me because i don`t speak english very well). So she can easily cover it with hair or hold her head a certain way so you couldn`t see it. I`m not saying that it is Rainie.I just want to show you that the fact that you can`t see her mole doesn`t mean that it not actually there.I also agree with the previous person, you can`t judge a book by it`s covers. just because someone always smiles and lookes nice doesn`t mean that that is their true character. celebrities have it hard he? Just one mistake and the whole world knows about it. and some people love bringing them down. bye

  14. the fact is with actors and singers the person they are on the screen is not the same off... the person you think they are is only your imagination(or maybe i should say "what you want them to be")

  15. can i have tat picture with no sensore?
    i wanna see it!

  16. just to say EVERYONE has sex when you grow oldr even if you are "innocent" and "pure", its only natural otherwise the human race would DIEEEEEE. so gillian did nothing wrong other than be stupid enough to let edison take those photos. but rainie wouldn't be dumb enough to take a picture like this, and that definitely doesn't even LOOK like her!

  17. i REALLY dont believe
    that is Rainie Yang....
    eVen i dont sAw her at personaly
    for me,
    she's nice & good person???

    that Pic. was fake & edit;0

  18. That's not Rainie....I'm sure...
    It's just a pathetic trick....

    We love you, Rainie! :D

  19. ..hey.!
    ..i'm the one of fans of rainie.. i cant believe that she is rainie.
    ..that pix is old and obviously editted.

    ..i want to say to the person.
    ..who is shameless to make that fake pix.
    ..that u r BASTARD..!!!!!

  20. just leave them alone

  21. i think its really not her..

    coz i know that she
    is a good girl
    that will never do that.

  22. not really a fan of her music but love her acting....seen alot of her behind the scenes in her people have alot of youtube crap on her.....she seems don't think its her....cause if it was her i probably think she would of had secret porn tapes released by now

  23. u guyz think she is nice ??? u must be an idiot . her acting is the worst . is her picture alright . why do u think her pic is on the net ?

    1 a lot of people hate her

    2 she did took this picture

    3 people like her face ( which is imposible)

  24. nobody would stick your tongue out and try to be cute while taking THIS type of photos. see how is gillian when she took these photos.
    obliviously, idiots would say its the real person.

    <3 rainie

  25. OMG..rainie yang?!?
    well..absolutely i think
    thas her..not all good faces
    can NOT do something WRONG.!
    some are rainie.
    she has really cute
    and adorable face..
    < makes me really discourage
    when i saw her in that pic.

  26. O no Rainnie is sooooo innocent!
    I'm sure Rainie is so pure Rainie never farts

    Any girl is capable of falling for a cute BS artist like Edison Chen, even "innocent"' starlets (or even real innocent girls)

  27. To be frank I can't tell if it is her or not, and it doesn't matter.
    She is still the same girl she is well known for being.
    So everyone just grow up and let it go.
    So what if she has a few skeletons in her closet.
    Nobody is perfect to SHUT UP already !
    What kind of fans are some of you people just let it go and forget about it.
    Jeez........GROW UP!

  28. of course IT'S NOT RAINIE..i think who did this are fans of other stars who are soooo jealous of Rainie..maybe their idols are not popular as Rainie..why not put the faces of Makiyo,Ariel,Selina,Hebe,Ella,Guigui etc to that naked body..i'm sure it would be great..why put only Rainie's face there..also the body looks like of a 30's..OMG we won't stoop down to your level..immature people..whoever did this must be a PSYCHO or a SATAN..

  29. what do we expect,Rainie is so popular that's why there's a lot of fans of other UNPOPULAR STAR who are trying to malign & destroy her!THE MORE YOU IDIOT PEOPLE DO THIS KIND OF VICIOUS THINGS TO HER..YOUR SOUL IS FAST BURNING IN HELL!

  30. don't be fooled..the picture is a phony..hey PERVERT whoever you are..if your intention is to let people hate Rainie by purposely uploading this kind of indecent evil imagination of yours..sorry to say you will not are mentally disturbed crazy human being..GO FUCK your mother or sister!!!!

  31. this picture is not real..i,m not a fan of Rainie Yang but my co-worker admire her so much..i was intrigue why anybody would do such thing to her..what i did was to search & to know about her..finally i came to realize that indeed she was very popular in Taiwan & even here in the US..a friend of mine from China told me he likes Rainie..impolite people keep talking bad things about her..he said Rainie have a solid fan base in China..he likes her for her versatility as an entertainment icon..i myself did watch her idol drama & i even bought her new album in ChinaTown..i'm beginning to like Rainie Yang..she's sweet/lovable & a great performer..thanks to whoever did this to Rainie..BECAUSE RAINIE IS BECOMIMG SO can't destroy her CLEAN IMAGE..

  32. That is so not her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rainie wouldn't do that.

  33. I DO AGREE guys! Some are just dumb idiots who want to ruin Rainie but for SURE, they won't SUCCEED!?

    I will only believe if the idiot will add more photos and videos for everyone to see.. Jealous people!! May God bless you for want you're doing!

  34. i can´t say if its rainie or not.... shes an actress and she did spider lilies ... but she was acting... is her work . not necesarily has to be in real life. i love her songs and i cant consider me like a fan , but i love her way so differnt when she is acting and singing... here in dominican republic shes so popular ... ( sorry if my english is no good).

  35. w@low!! it is definitly not Rainie yang lah!
    whice ido!t photoshop it so insulting!!

  36. I belive that de picture is a big fake.rainie would never do something like that.

    sorry i am from german and my english is not so good^^

    rainie <3

  37. Oh my god...that picture not Rainie la...I 1st eye see also know that was not Rainie...cause im one of the fans of Rainie...Rainie face I know is how one and exactly not same with the fake picture...xD <3~RAINIE

  38. i doubt that it's her! the nose looks different nd the face shape, and the eyes! so i doubt it!
    no one really knows but her!

  39. Stupid. Sure kena PhotoShopped de COMFIRM de the rainie yang i know is not like this n btw the person in the pic has no mole on her face but rainie yang got.
    Luv U RAINNIE YANG :D dun get upset with this

  40. Im a photoshop pro and I can tell if things are fake or not. Most likely that picture is photoshopped. As you can see on her top shoulder there is a black area. I don't think your hair would be there if it is going down. plus that does not look like shadows at all.

    I don't think she would ever do anything like that

  41. i'am a big fan of Rainie yang. I sure that it's not her and I think all of idiot people doubt and say smt so bad about her is really cruel and terriblen. If U don't like her,please don't say stupid words.
    I love all everybody always beside RAINIE YANG
    Sorry my eng is not good :D

  42. i don't think it rainie. she wouldn't be so cheap to do sure things.

  43. to me i'm not on anyone side
    you people thinks she's innocent
    well i thought the same towards Gillain Chung
    i thought she wouldn't be that stupid and innocent
    but look how it turns out
    i think you people need to stop judging Rainie and keep on saying that she's innocent and wouldn't do stupid things like this... u people don't even know her in real life person
    people grow up and had to have sex.... i mean it normal and natural you guys act like this is a disease or something....

    i believe you people only think she's innocent because of her acting on drama movies but really that may not be her in person it's just acting who knows if she's nice or innocent all the time

    so i guess you people need to face the fact and no one is perfect
    and i also didn't say this picture is real
    i don't know if it is
    i'm just on the side of truth that u people need to stop judging Rainie

  44. that wasn't rainnie she ain't like that
    stop making people look bad


  46. It's obviously fake. I can do these kinds of photo's easily using Photo Shop. The power of magnetic lasso & super layered capabilities of Photo Shop. I can make one that would sweat an expert into thinking it's real. It is fake because of these reasons.
    If you notice it's MOSTLY white background & the only thing colored is her head.
    This creates for a huge headroom to layer & edit blends seamlessly.

    This fake is a FAIL.

  47. I'm a fan of Rainnie Yang. I like so especailly her movies and her songs. When I saw this picture at the first I'm very excited. But, however I don't believe that it's her. I'm she is a pretty girl reall girl. As I know she is a person who has a high graduation, so she won't do like that. However I still support all her movies and songs. Also I love her. Sorry for my bad English. Thank for your attention to read this text.

  48. you please stop re-evaluation of man's Rainie Yang, to have a picture like that photoshop is very easy. But whether it's photos of Rainie Yang going again, I also feel very normal, but even so she is still a normal man, rub lightly to prevent her you love and be loved in life often Her star, you try to leave her parents to see, not your parents love you back there. Only with a photo which to judge the character of a man, you think you are crazy (sorry if my english is not good)

  49. lol...I love rainie yang so much!!!i don't care any negative comment..;)

  50. It's not Rainie.. it more look like Cyndi Wang compared to Rainie..

    But Im not saying that it is cyndi wang


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