Monday, March 17, 2008

Kristin Davis Sex Tape Video Scandal (Pictures)

kristen davis sex and the city picture

Kristin Davis, actress in Sex And The City

Kristen Davis Sex Tape Scandal! Kristen Davis, Charlotte York in the popular show Sex and the City, has become the latest celebrity ensnared in a sex tape scandal. Link

alleged sex and the city actress kristin Davis naughty tape screenshot

A Kristin Davis looklike in a sex tape

Update: Kristin Davis’ Spokesperson Denies Sex Tape Rumor, “This is not a photo of Kristin Davis. There is no sex tape.”

Update: TMZ--Sex in Kristin's City
Holy Charlotte York! Rumors have been floating around the Internet that there is a sex tape featuring "Sex and the City's" Kristin Davis. Well, not exactly.

TMZ has learned that approximately 20 salacious photos dating back five years have re-surfaced featuring what looks like Davis in several compromising positions. We hear the pics were taken by an ex-boyfriend and are now being shopped by a broker from California.

The big question is, why are these being shopped now? "SATC" is ovah! Well, for starters, the movie is coming out in May. That can generate some buzz. Also, the market for sex tapes and racy photos was not what it is today (thank you very much Paris Hilton).

CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored new photo of the woman rumored to be Kristin.

Ghee! A woman named Kristin "Billie" Davis was linked to ex-NY Gov. Eliot Spizter's another prostitution ring.

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