Monday, February 11, 2008

Kira: 3 Edison Chen Sex Videos Will be Uploaded at 3am?

kira's message

Mysterious Kira has left a message in traditional Chinese (below is a rough translation) on HKGloden forum which was later reposted on

Today February 11 is the day when Gillian Chung met the fans. I/We originally planned to upload Edison Chen sex video(s) simultaneously along with the event, but couldn't make it due to some reasons.

Now I/we decide again to post three of videos at 3am (Feb 12) which are the original footages that had been made into pictures posted earlier and some previously unseen new materials. Please be patient.

By the way, to the concerned authorities, please don't arrest any scapegoats [RC note: Hong Kong police made the 9th arrest]. Catch me if you can.

Update: Nearly one day after Kira's message were posted, no videos were seen being uploaded.

Update: The rumor said that Kira has bagged 7,000,000HK$ and will never release any scandalous pictures and videos of those involved Hong Kong celebrities.

Update Feb 23: Hong Kong Police found 1000 more racy photos and numerous sex videos from Edison Chen's computer, with three new celebrities implicated.

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  1. Kira is not online. And do you stand by Gillian Chung? Please vote no matter you support her or not after watching the video

  2. Apparantly Edison will be back in Hong Kong, Thursday or Friday this week!

  3. I am not sure what Kira is up to, seriously ? challenging the police or what then ? anyway i am waiting for the Motion Picture of the Rat Year 2008...

  4. Seriously, who knows what hes up too!
    He is trying to be mysterious like Kira in Death note. Maybe hes following some plot line like in the manga or anime.. lol

    but i'm looking forward for the videos.

  5. Sigh, hope Kira is not bought or caught. else no more hopes of videos! what time zone is he (kira) in anyway!

  6. Kire, I support you forever!!! Please don't disappoint your fans; post the video to show us you're worthy of us to follow you to the end!

    Anyone who are fans of Kira also post the support for the video!!

  7. I want to see NIKI CHOW!

  8. did kira get caught or something? havent heard from him since

  9. but where will the videos be post to? link?

  10. sources say that kira has been brought off.

  11. the video is really hunted by many especially during this scandal

  12. Kira, please stop publish those pictures and video of sex (edison and artis).... please stop effect the society. Listen to me, you have to pay back all the things that what you have done.. please save people... save yourself so.. behave yourself... respect yourself, respect others.. and your parents... Thankyou.

  13. Well who would have thought that the HK celebrity scene was so dirty and naughty? Don't imagine that this is just EDC and a few women. The whole celebrity scene in HK is a mixing and matching between the guys and the girls. Sex, drugs and alcohol are the only thing they have to entertain themselves aka every other celebrity scene in the world.

    The biggest laugh is the Twin who made herself so innocent and previously so upset that someone snapped a photo of her...when at the same time she was getting banged senseless by EDC.

    Kira....waiting for the rest thanks.

  14. justice prevails?

  15. Kira is justice! Go ahead Kira!! We believe in you!

  16. D ( a junior of real L11/29/2008 11:47:00 AM

    Kira try to show it
    prove to me if u'r so worthed to cacth for me and my team ..............


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