Friday, February 08, 2008

"Jolin Tsai's" Alleged Sexy Lingerie Photos Leaked

alleged jolin tsai edison chen photos scandalalleged jolin tsai edison chen photos scandal1

alleged jolin tsai edison chen photos scandal2 alleged jolin tsai edison chen photos scandal3

Edison Chen sex photos scandal continues to rock Hong Kong entertainment industry and even the whole Asia . The alleged racy photos of Jolin Tsai have been leaked onto the internet. The newly released four pictures show a lady bearing the striking resemblance to Jolin Tsai, one of Edison Chen's rumored former girlfriends and the most successful and popular singers in the Mandarin music market. But the lack of tattoo on the woman's left arm has caused quite some to doubt the pictures are Jolin Tsai's. But if these pictures proved authentic and Edison Chen Maggie Q sex tape existed, Jolin Tsai would be the eighth female celebrity involved in the possible most disastrous scandal in the history of Hong Kong entertainment industry. Update: It turns out this lady is not Jolin Tsai, but a Jolin Tsai wannabe. Update, Feb 9: 40 more pics of Bobo Chan leaked. Update Feb 21: Video: Edison Chen apologized again, he admitted he took photos and announced to quite Hong Kong showbiz indefinitely. In the same time, he also asked for the forgiveness. Update Feb 23: Hong Kong Police found 1000 more racy photos and numerous sex videos from Edison Chen's computer, with three new celebrities implicated.

real jolin tsai photo

Real Jolin Tsai Photo

Update:'s report on "Jolin Tsai" lingerie photos

Netizens today reported that images of Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) in lingerie had surfaced on the internet. There are four images circulating on the web of a woman, purported to be Jolin, in provocative poses.

Jolin was widely reported in Hong Kong press to have dated Edison a few years ago.

jolin ts and edison chen picture
Edison Chen once appeared in Jolin Tsai's MV

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  1. erm if its really Jolin Tsai,

    then may i enquire where are her tattoos?

  2. OH come on man..
    gillian chung, boboChan and cecilia cheong's pictures are no more excuses to be fake..

    but this is most DEFINATELY not Jolin tsai man...
    is just that the last picture, this girl with this pose and camera angle looks similiar like her...

    besides, where is the tattoo on her arms? Jolin has it

  3. thats not even jolin. wtf

  4. can it be her before she has the tattoo ? , since when she has the tattoo? and when that lingerie pix was taken?

  5. hmmm , if so , i think reverse verification can be done, if the girl in the lingerie has such a clean backside, clean body , then what about jolin? its very seldom for human to have a total clean body skin without any little mole or scar , if jolin too has a clean body , the suspicion rate can be 99% am i right?

  6. She isn't Jolin Tsai, because the girl at the photo hasn't got 2 tatoos like have Jolin (1 arm, and other like a ring)

    Jolin is the best! ^^

  7. Definitely not Jolin Tsai!!
    The first picture shows that it is someone else....That ugly facial expression is not Jolin (she has a more beautiful facial expression of course-look at her pics u'll c).

    Anyway i thk that Jolin is someone who fully focuses on her songs and choreography.

    No one is perfect...however, not to such an extent in the case of Jolin....Also consider the tattoo!!

    200% sure its not her... :p

  8. surely not jolin tsai!!!!

  9. I am sure it's not JOLIN at all .
    So anybody who think it's Jolin ,
    please dont be dumb or stupid alrights?
    You can see that there's no tattoo on her
    left arm . It's obvious . Dont be a cock eye :)
    Jolin rocks forever !

  10. Confirm not Jolin.
    Jolin wont do such cheap thing cans.
    I believe in Jolin.
    She rocks ! :D

  11. haha are you joking... that's not jolin.

  12. i'm sure that's not jolin.................

  13. dat girl doesnt even look like her.
    AT ALL! she looks creepy

  14. she's nt even Jolin..if u hav nth to do..go wash some charcoal would help fren..==

  15. jolin tsai real face is prettier than the fake jolin,it zit right everybody ???

  16. not jolin lar

  17. omg, ANYONE who has eyes knows that IT IS NOT JOLIN...that girl doesnt even resemble her that much...the last one looks a little..but u can IMMEDIATELY tell it's not her...all jolin fans (or anyone who has some knowledge of who jolin is) will tell u that IS NOT her...someone said maybe it was taken before she had the tattoos..well that's impossible. She's been having the tattoos ever since she first came out. if she were a no-body...she would not have known edison..and not with that hair and NOT with those boobs.

  18. It's definitely not Jolin. She's got a tattoo on her left arm.

  19. .... lolz it's definitely Jolin. This is one of the pic from her MV. In addition her tatoo is right left arm this pic only show right arm.

  20. I'm not a supporter of this kind of methods to pump up your love life, but I can't say I'm against people who do so either.

  21. ben böle fahişe görmedim çinli değilmi çin fahişesi bunlar çin çan çon işte nolcaktı ya amına koyam veriyo götü alıyo parayı amcıklar xD


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