Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jolin Tsai & Elva Hsiao Deny Involvement in Edison Chen Sex Photos Scandal

Jolin Tsai Elva Hsiao Offer Bounty

Jolin Tsai & Elva Hsiao, two Taiwan female artists, pledged to offer NT$ 100 million (US$3.5 million) each to any one who can prove their involvement in the nude picture scandal that shows singer and actor Edison Chen in sexual poses with a dozen women in bed.

Jolin Tsai and Elva Hsiao, who were rumored to have relationships with Chen, 27, both issued statements through their agent companies on Wednesday, challenging Kira and any one who can come up with their pictures with Chen in bed can get the reward if courts prove the pictures are real.

edison chen jolin tsai intimacy photo

Edison Chen once appeared in Jolin Tsai's MV Mr. Q

According to ESWN, Jolin Tsai says NT$100 million would be given to the person who came up with the photo while Elva Hsiao says that she will donate NT$100 million to charity.

Jolin Tsai's agent company (MARS Entertainment Co. Ltd) warned all medias in a statement not to publish any un-confirmed report or internet rumor that accuses of her connection with the scandal, or else, the company will demand "unlimited" compensation for the damages caused for Jolin. While Hsiao's rep denied she was ever in a relationship with Edison Chen and asked the public to stop "meaningless talk" about her role in the scandal

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