Monday, February 25, 2008

"I'm Feeling Lucky" Condoms

violet blue i mfeeling lucky condom

violet blue i mfeeling lucky condoms 2

"I'm Feeling Lucky" is a button on Google homepage which automatically takes one to the first web page returned for his/her query. You know? It can cost Google $110 million in annual revenue! Even though Google still refuses to remove it. Why? Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president for search products and user experience, said "If we took it away, there would be mass protests worldwide."

Apparently, "I'm Feeling Lucky" is not just a button, but also something else. The famous sex blogger/columnist/writer Violet Blue (bio below) has shown "I'm Feeling Lucky" condoms. Ghee!

Violet Blue is the best-selling, award-winning author and editor of twenty books on sex and sexuality, all currently in print, a number of which have been translated into several languages; she has contributed to a number of nonfiction anthologies. Violet is a sex educator who lectures at UC's and community teaching institutions, and writes about erotica, pornography, sexual pleasure and health for major publications and blogs. She is a professional sex blogger and Femmebot; an author at Metroblogging San Francisco (Metblogs); a correspondent for Geek Entertainment Television; she is on the Gawker Media payroll as girl Friday contributor and editor at Fleshbot; in January 2007, Violet was named a Forbes Web Celeb 25. She is a San Francisco native and human blog. Violet is the sex columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle with a weekly column titled Open Source Sex, and has a podcast of the same name that frequents iTunes' top ten.

Don't miss Miss Violet Blue's "Abstinence Does Not Make the Heart Grow Fonder" lecture video in Googleplex this Valentine's Day:


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