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Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung, & Joey Yung With Edison Chen Photos Scandal

edison-chen-gillian-cheung photo

Bobo Chan (陈文媛), Gillian Chung Yan-tung (锺欣桐), Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi (张柏芝), & Joey Yung (容祖儿) are Hong Kong celebrities all wellknown by RC editors. They are both beautiful and lovable! But how unexpected? All these female artists are now involving in a scandalous, disastrous bedroom sex picture scandal with the same man, actor Edison Chen (陈冠希). Those racy photos were reportedly retrieved from Edison Chen's handphone/Apple Notebook computer. Update: Video: Edison Chen apologized over the scandal. Update: Another new batch of pictures showing Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung, and Bobo Chan performing oral s** on Edison Chen leaked onto the internet via forums and emails. Update: Edison Chen Maggie Q Video was Reportedly Leaked. Update: Alleged Jolin Tsai's sexy lingerie photos were also leaked. Update, Feb 9: 40 more pics of Bobo Chan leaked. Update Feb 11. Gillian Chung has apologized over the scandal. Update Feb 11 (2):Mysterious Kira again promised: 3 Edison Chen Videos Will be Uploaded at 3am (February 12, Hong Kong time). Update Feb 21: Video: Edison Chen apologized again, he admitted he took photos and announced to quit Hong Kong showbiz indefinitely. Update Feb 23: Hong Kong Police found 1000 more racy photos and numerous videos from Edison Chen's computer, with three new celebrities implicated. Update Feb 25 Hong Kong police found more than 10,000 suggestive photos in Edison Chen's computer equipments. Update Feb 26, Hsu Chi, Fiona Sit, Stephy Tang, Jill M Vidal Sucked into Edison Chen Photos Scandal. Update April 1: A new batch of photos of alleged female starlets including Taiwanese singers/actresses Jolie Tsai (picture), Rainie Yang (picture) and Hong Kong actress Kelly Chen (picture) and Niki Chow were surfaced on the internet. Update: All Jolin Tsai, Kelly, Rainie Yang, Niki Chow photos should be doctored, and not authenticated pics

Apparently, photos of Hongkong artiste, Edison Chen bedroom antics with his ex-girlfriends Gillian Chung (Twins), Bobo Chan and subsequently Cecilia Cheung were released over the past three days in a pre-mediated motion.

27th January
8:30pm - Photos of Edison and Gillian bedroom antics posted
9:00pm - Posted message saying Bobo Chan and Cecilla Cheung [...] photos coming soon

28th January
3:00pm - Bobo Chan & Edison [...] photo published, poster says something big will happen tomorrow afternoon at 4pm

29th January
12:30am - Photo of Cecilia touching herself published
3:30pm - 5 screencaps of Edison and Gillian in a sexual act published and is believed to be identical to the initially published photo
6:00pm - Photo of Cecilia exposing her butt published. Many posts on various forum promised that a sex clip believed to be Edison and Gillian will be next.

Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) representing both Edison Chen and Gillian Chung have insisted that the photos are doctored and have made a police report. Cecilia too have done likewise through her manager. No mention from Bobo who had already retired from showbiz in 2006 and is less widely known than the other two outside of Hong Kong. Even though there are no conclusive evidence that these photos are doctored, practically all the media in Hong Kong are saying it is and you can guess EEG is trying to play down the mess that Edison had created.

The full name list of Edison Chen's girlfriends since 2000.Edison Chen's girlfriendsAccording to reports from Hong Kong, this incident involved a slew of Hong Kong female stars which include Maggie Q, Stephy, Niki Chow, Cecilia Cheung, Rosanne, Elva, Jolin, Gillian and Bobo Chan. But as of now, only photos of three stars have been posted and the rest of them have been spared thus far. It might be because the matter has gotten too big and the poster has temporarily vanished to save his ass. Edison must be really capable to have done this in the first place and since all photos came from his phone, it’s believed that his lost phone is in the hands of that poster right now. There were also reports that the malicious poster had visited several Hong Kong newspapers to sell the photos but were rejected. He must really have a grudge against Edison or looking to create mischief or make quick bucks.

Hong Kong netizens meanwhile have done some investigation of their own and compared and contrasted the background of the supposedly doctored pictures against videos and photos of Edison doing an interview in his own home in the past. The number of things that look identical were uncanny similar. Expert opinions from experienced photographers and photoshop gurus have also pointed out that it can’t be faked.

edison chen bobo chen scandalous picture Edison Chen & Bobo Chan photo

Fans of Gillian Chung believed that the photos are doctored as one of the shots of Gillian appeared exactly the same as one scene in one of her old movies. That might account for one photo but how do you explain the series of photos.

Hong Kong police have listed this as a criminal case and enlisted the help of the Interpol to track down the poster who is believed to have used a computer terminal in one South-East Asian country to commit this crime. Various ISPs have also been roped in to censure and take down websites that posts links to these pictures. But once they get onto the internet, it’s just damage limitation at best.

Oh, there are Edison Chen Sausage & Gillian Chung abalone

edison chen sausage gillian chung ablone

Sigh! Our good minds on the images of those singer/actresses are instantly swept away!

edison chen joey yung photo scandal1 edison chen cecilia cheung photo scandal

Edison Chen's Joey Yung & Cecilia Cheung scandalous photos (cropped) update: Joey Yung's picture was reportedly photoshoped

Update: Hong Kong Police made arrests over those who possess Edison Chen's infamous photos:

With no leaked pictures or videos since the photoshopped Joey Yung one, more news broke today that the Hong Kong police has apprehended four guys and 2 girls in association with the case early yesterday morning.

They managed to find in their possession over 1000 “pictures” thanks to a tip-off from the public. The suspects apparently knew each other and will be charged with the offence with posting the pictures on the internet next week. They are however unrelated to the man caught earlier. The pictures involved Edison Chen and other female artistes linked to this case.

The three suspects that were caught are in the information technology industry and it’s believed that the pictures were copied from Edison’s Apple laptop when he sent it for repair in 2006 through a proxy. Another source however states that the leak came after Edison sent his digital camera for repair where it was discovered that pictures and videos of him and female stars were stored in the memory card which was later duplicated on a CD and leaked.

Although police have refused to confirm their stand, but it’s believed that they believed the photos are real and not photoshopped. They are still open to any more leads and will continue their investigations as they believe that the original poster is still at large right now. They also revealed there’s no financial problems as reported earlier with Edison or his family. Only two unidentified artistes have stepped in to lend their assistance to the investigations.

So it seems like the scandal is drawing to a close with no new pictures/videos posted and more arrested to deter those who dares to spread more damage. Meanwhile, there was no sign of Edison Chen’s official statement from himself yesterday as promised by him on his blog regarding this scandal.

edison cheng cecilia cheung scandal photos

As a Sony digital video camera is clearly seen beside a seemly intoxicated Cecilia Cheung, some speculated there might be scandalous sex videos existing.

Update 2: Fox now is reporting on Edison Chen Gillian Chung Cecilia Cheung Scandal Photo/ Video, but nothing is material:

HONG KONG — Hong Kong police seized hundreds of pictures in connection to a series of racy photos posted on the Internet that appear to depict partially nude local celebrities.

The management company of one of the stars Gillian Chung -- a member of the popular female duo Twins -- has said the photos were doctored.

The scandal over the photos has dominated headlines in Hong Kong the past week. The pictures appear to show actor Edison Chen, actress Cecilia Cheung and Chung partially nude or in sexually suggestive poses.

Police arrested six more people -- four men and two women -- late Friday and Saturday on suspicion of violating obscene material laws, assistant police commissioner Wong Fook-chuen said late Saturday.

Officers also seized computers and discs that contained hundreds of pictures, including some that have never been circulated on the Internet.

Wong said police "were very close" to arresting the sources of the photos.

The suspects arrested so far have not been charged and were being detained for further investigation, a police spokesman said Sunday, declining to be named citing internal policy.

Last week, police arrested and charged a 29-year-old unemployed man with publishing obscene material related to the case.

The stars have not directly commented on the photos, but have issued statements either through lawyers or management companies condemning their release.

Update: Hong Kong police again made arrests and seized laptops and computer believed to store more than 1300 scandal photos of Edison Cheng with 6 women.

A 29-year-old man is the eighth person to be detained in connection with the internet posting of nude photographs, purportedly of Hong Kong pop and movie stars, police said yesterday.

The arrest came after police said they were about to close in on the source of the offensive photos following the earlier arrest of the a person whose computer was found to contain hundreds of the artistes' indecent photos, which had not yet been uploaded to the internet.

Four men and two women were arrested on Saturday. An unemployed man, 29, from Tuen Mun was detained earlier.

Sources say the latest man arrested is being detained at Ma On Shan police station and may directly or indirectly know the other people who have been arrested. The source said police would also not rule out the possibility he is one of the original distributing sources.

Some Hong Kongites are worrying about their possession of the fourteen wildly circulated photos:

Legislative Council information technology and broadcasting panel deputy chairman Sin Chung-kai wants to discuss the issue with police.

He said he has received at least 200 e-mails from people worried about being arrested for having received and kept pornographic pictures. "If many people send spam e-mails with pornographic pictures to Police Commissioner Tang King-shing's e-mail, will he be arrested?" Sin asked. He urged the government to clarify whether penalties will be confined only to those who have the 14 nude pictures that have been circulated on the internet.

Sin's comment came as League of Social Democrats lawmaker "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung and about two dozen people protested outside police headquarters in Wan Chai urging Tang to clarify whether keeping the pictures violates the law.

Update: Police said there were no foreign celebrities involved in Edison Chen Koon-hei scandal, and keeping Edison Chen's photos privately will not violate the law

Wong said of the six women found in the photographs, two were not known to them - but he was certain that no overseas artistes were involved. None of the women were named.

People who had only transferred the obscene picture files to friends had not violated the law, but those who transferred them to the public - for example via internet web pages - were breaking the law, said Wong.

He said there were three clauses relating to the possession of obscene material that constitute a violation of the law, namely: publishing obscene material; possession for publishing; and inserting obscene material for publishing. He also maintained the police had not used excessive manpower as the whole case had been handled by 19 men from the Commercial Crime Bureau.

No Fake! Gillian Chung and Edison Chen Scandal Photos Are Real! Wiki

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  1. CNN on the scandal

  2. These ladies here do not deserve any of the flak that has been written so far. Whatever that they have done with Edison was supposed to be a private affair between two consenting adults. These are exactly the kind of things that normal human being adults (you and me) will do when they like each other or are in love. This is true especially in the case of the younger generation who are less mindful of historical social practices but as a result become more practical beings in tandem with (human) nature.

    Please do not forget that stars/artistes are humans too. Bastard is the person who puts this up on the internet and ruin their lives - and probably their future generations' ones as well.

  3. These ladies here do not deserve any of the flak that has been written so far. Whatever that they have done with Edison was supposed to be a private affair between two consenting adults. These are exactly the kind of things that normal human being adults (you and me) will do when they like each other or are in love. This is true especially in the case of the younger generation who are less mindful of historical social practices but as a result become more practical beings in tandem with (human) nature.

    Please do not forget that stars/artistes are humans too. Bastard is the person who puts this up on the internet and ruin their lives & knowingly - and probably their future generations' ones as well. Have mercy people.

  4. Yeah, thats true. It's just the culture of HK that's making a big deal. They're so not use to these overexposed sexual acts; as oppose to America and London- having sex is like buying a quart of milk from the nearest grocers. hahaha. I got a lot of the "decent" news from here:

    This is all too hilarious anyway.

  5. I believe they deserve what ever that comes to them for being naive. If they wanna do anything private and as a respectedable adult, I don't think you should be taking private exposed pictures of your spouse/partner unless you have no respect for them or they are just toy. I believe they deserve all the shame for being naive and also the lack of respect for relationship and honor. If its candid or pictures taken by other party without their concent then I agree but those were pictures taken by them selves. I agree with finding the person who stole it. but they do not have my sympathy for exposure.

  6. tell them to come to the States. They will just get more famous here hahaha

  7. yeah.. all the magazine will do them couple cover page

  8. too bad they're too beautiful to be devastated by the scandal... if only they didn't do that stupid thing...

    Edison Chen Sex Scandal

    Above is the link to the scandal


    All the pics are available on the link above

  10. Every decision has consequences. Adults learn from the mistakes of others or by stewing in their own juice. In this case, the latter is imminent. May God Bless Them.

  11. I think that we can't blamed the girls at all because girls always listen to boys decision, actually it's their privacy life since they were lover before but unfortunately their privacy are exposured. What they did maybe ever done by you and I too when we were young, so don't blame them again. Let bygones be bygones. Twins don't break up ok, I will always support you. Cheer up Gillian :)

  12. stop defending the girls. Even if it was his idea, they willing agreed to do it so they should be responsible too. They're obviously slutty so don't try to protect them.

  13. What they are doing is very normal between adults but I don't think you have to take photos when doing sex right?What I think is that both edison and the person who leaked out these pics are at fault

  14. what a dum decision to make if almost all scandal like this...

  15. All thing consist two sides (good side and bad ones). Live offer all to you and your duty is choose one of them. Don't blaming yourself if you did mistakes but take something from those to learn so next time you can prevent yourself from the same things.


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