Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Comparison of The Life of Two Muslim Presidents

Iranian President Ahmedinejad vs. Pakistani president Parveez Musharaf

Iranian President Ahmedinejad1 musharraf
Iranian President Ahmedinejad2 Pakistani president Parveez Musharaf2
Iranian President Ahmedinejad3 Pakistani president Parveez Musharaf3
Iranian President Ahmedinejad4 Pakistani president Parveez Musharaf4
Iranian President Ahmedinejad5 Pakistani president Parveez Musharaf5
Iranian President Ahmedinejad6 Pakistani president Parveez Musharaf6
Iranian President Ahmedinejad7 Pakistani president Parveez Musharaf7

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  1. CORRECTION ON YOUR POST: The pictures of the mansion are not Musharraf's but of a former oil minister from Uzbekistan.

    Musharraf doesn't have such ostentatious nature and eccentric habits and doesn't come from an aristrocratic background.

  2. @ Annoymous, thanks for your corrections. The pictures posted here are received from a circulated email without any explanation, so I can't discern the authenticity of those mansion pictures.

  3. OMG the house pictures are Shahrukh Khans house "Mannat" atleast have facts right when posting something online. Get a life!!


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