Sunday, September 09, 2007

Movie: The Princess and The Marine and Biography of Bahrain Princess Meriam Al Khalifa

The Princess and The Marine is a movie directed by Mike Robe, which tells of a love affair between Jason Johnson (by Mark-Paul Gosselaar), a US marine, and Meriam Al-Khalifa (by Marisol Nichols), a member of the royal family of Bahrain. It's so moving!

Bahrain Princess Meriam Al Khalifa Eloping with US Marine Jason Johnson

Meriam Al KhalifaBahrain Princess Meriam Al Khalifa: 18-year-old Sheika Meriam Al Khalifa made international headlines in 1999 when the royal princess was whisked out of Bahrain by her boyfriend, U.S. marine Lance Cpl. Jason Johnson. She sought asylum in the U.S. on the grounds that her subsequent marriage -- to a non-Muslim -- could have her killed if she returned to Bahrain. She was granted permanent residency in 2001. "This is my home now," she told US Weekly magazine that same year. "I miss my family, but most days I am happy. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing." Meriam Al Khalifa filed for divorce in 2004 and has since reportedly returned to Bahrain where she received a royal pardon and was forgiven by her family. From:

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  1. Allah yanâal abouha wa âailet leklab.

  2. i wanna watch the movie the princess and the marien...ive seen it before but id like to see it it actually.

  3. They're divorced. I guess love really doesn't conquer all.

  4. I saw the movie yesterday and I loved it. But today when I read about them and that they got divorced Im so dissapointed. After everything that they went thru , I really thought they will stay together inspit all the difference.

  5. I watched the movie and loved it. i can't believe they got a divorce, after what they went through it's heart breaking. I think either she realized she just wanted a bit of freedom or the treats must have really bad, I feel sorry for the guy and for her too.

  6. I watched the movie today... so sad they got divorced :(

  7. does anyone know where these two people are at now

  8. yes, Meriam after bringing shame to the family, and pissing papa off by eloping with an Infidel America Marine, going on Oprah and smearing her family because love set her free, she goes and gets a divorce and heads back home... I know who the family beeeeeeeyitch!!!


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