Thursday, August 23, 2007

Argentina Model Wanda Nara Sex Video Tape Saga

picture for wanda nara sex video tape saga postWhen people almost forget Latino celebrities Noelia and Johanna Cardona's sex video scandal, Argentina Wanda (Wandita) Nara's amateur video was surfaced again! I think the Spanish-speaking internet communities in the Latin America are so crazy, they are somewhat keen on the celebrities' sex scandal! We did find a link to download Wanda Nara sex video, but it was not suitable to post here (there are abundant sexy bikini-clad Wanda Nara pictures videos on Google Video and Youtube).

Update: A brief biography of Wanda Nara from Online Gameswanda nara the model who has oral sex in the video

She is Argentinian model, vedette and actress. By the end of February of 2006 she jumped to the fame after rumours of a romance with Argentinian football legend - Diego Armando Maradona (ok, she confirmed that, but he denied it). Wanda Nara is well-known being a model that supposedly was virgin [until the sex video appeared].

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  1. I think this is a form of "vulgar beauty". An uneducated 20th something that has managed herself to be allied with scandal, lies and media. Sometimes I asked myself why to get the effort of studying if a bunch of sex-scandalous and brainless chicks like this make fortunes provided of public curiosity from their scandalous lifes.

    In Argentina, this only year, the home made sex videos have been in high. Big Brother began with the sex video series with some participants like Griselda Sanchez, High School Musical followed a few weeks ago with Fernanda Telesco's video, now the blow job from Wanda, and other Big Brother "actors". Looks like for having succes you should have a sex home video.

  2. WoW! We appreciate Garullas' comprehensive comments!!!


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