Sunday, August 26, 2007

Keri McIntyre, a Youtube Hot for Teacher Sensation

photo of Keri  Mcintyre a youtube Hot for Teacher sensationBut all that fame is not what Miss Keri McIntyre wanted:

When Keri McIntyre signed on to be a teacher, she never imagined she would become a YouTube sensation. Someone videotaped her fifth-grade class’s graduation at Winding Springs Elementary in 2006 and edited it to the Van Halen hit “Hot For Teacher.” [video below, lyrics here]

“I'm not doing anything except going on stage. The man zooms in on my butt. He keeps replaying it over and over,” she said.

The three and a half minute clip [has been removed from Youtube] has now been viewed more than 187,000 times.

“Every day this is allowed to go on, a thousand more people view it and make degrading comments,” McIntyre said.

It’s the comments that really hurt.

“This one says, ‘Love sexy teachers. Always wanting to help you out,’” McIntyre read. “This one says, ‘He's probably a janitor who checks out hot young teachers.’”

Source: WSOCTV

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  1. she's that young. nor is she hot.

  2. Listen, I am a friend of her family. She is not doing anything inappropriate and is rightfully upset about the video. The two examples of comments she gave from the youtube website were the only ones that weren't too vulgar to be said on television. She is doing an honorable thing, and putting herself out there just to make the rest of us more aware about what can happen to anyone. Instead of passing judgement on her maybe we should be thanking her. If this was your daughter, girlfriend, cousin, sister, etc. you would want any action taken that could. Nobody wants to see the negative comments, so if you aren't supportive and compassionate about it, just keep your comments to yourself.

  3. Laura, all of those YouTube comments were referencing candid video of an anonymous woman. I didn't read those particular comments, but YouTube isn't known for intelligent, thoughtful discussion. The video had been there for a year and most of the people who posted the comments likely forgot they ever saw the video. All Keri has succeeded in doing is putting a name to the face in the video. She has opened herself up to the scores of weirdos that inhabit the Internet. If this were a family member of mine, I would advise them to ignore it unless it provided identifying information such as their name or address. When she found out about it, Keri should have said, "Isn't that silly? I can't imagine why anyone would have done that.", or "Wow, she looks just like me, doesn't she?" While I am sure it was a shock to her, this video was one of tens of thousands that depict candid shots of unsuspecting people. No one really pays them much attention, and those that might think they recognize her can never be sure.

  4. Hey, will someone post a link to her video ASAP?!

  5. Too funny the old "if it was your family member" defense.

    Well let me be the first to say, I don't think anyone in my family would wear a thong with see through white pants and a tight boob enhancing spaghetti strap t-shirt to GRADE SCHOOL GRADUATION!

    Face it if she dressed like that at a grade school she should be under more scrutiny than she is.

    Looks more like someone looking for attention. Who gets all upset about it 1 year after the fact and draws attention right back on to it? Oh thats right people that want the attention to begin with!


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